ERASMUS IP „Virtual Mobility and Learning“




Training students to be effective peer educators

This is a 12 week Virtual Mobility course delivered by 6 Higher Education Institutions and divided into 6 sub-modules. The overall purpose of this course is to introduce the students to the main subjects related to lifelong learning in a global world, and equip them with valuable competences in their professional development.

The course is structured in a modular way, which comprises two parts that are divided into three sub-modules each:

Part I. Introduction to Globalization issues and internationalization processes in specific settings;

Part II. Introduction to Lifelong learning competences and management of hard and soft skills.

Successful participants will be awarded 6 ECTS. For detailed information about the course structure and assessment, see the "course guidelines" document.

This course will present several applications of technology  in different fields such as chemistry, special educational needs, education, and visual communication.  During this course you will:

In the framework of the course, you will:

  • develop an application using Android platform;
  • draw molecules using ChemDraw software;
  • visit special education institutions;
  • create an educational blog;
  • film and present generated ideas in the blog;
  • define criteria for distinguishing intelligent tutoring systems from another educational software.