WP5. Virtual research

WP title: Virtual research for comparative analysis

  • Lead partner P1
  • Research theory collection online on “Virtual mobility for teachers and students”, development of research questionnaire, organizes survey in Lithuania. Produces Comparative research results. Organizes video conference.
  • P3 Develops a method for open collaborative research across borders. Organizes related survey in Finland. Participates in video conference. Translates research summary into Finnish.
  • P2, P4, P5, P6, P7
    • Contribute to research theory collection online on “Virtual mobility for teachers and students”, to development of research questionnaire development. Organize survey in partner countries. Participate in video conference. Translate research summary into National languages.
  • The aim of this workpackage is to implement virtual comparative research in partner countries.
  • The objectives and indicators of the successful implementation of this WP are:
    • research theory collection online on a given subject
    • development of “Virtual mobility for teachers and students” subject – based research questionnaire online
    •  implementation of survey in partner countries
    • comparative analysis on research outcomes produced.
  • Research results are presented as project deliverables: