WP 7. Exploitation

WP title: TeaCamp exploitation

  • The aim of this work package is to ensure exploitation of TeaCamp products long after the project run.
  • The objective of this WP are:
    • to define exploitation strategy on the basis of research results and TeaCamp virtual mobility sessions, as well as on the basis of recommendation produced as D.1.
    • to ensure exploitation of a) TeaCamp content, b) TeaCamp learning result evaluation tools, c) TeaCamp research tools,
    • to invite new academic staff (new subjects, new people, new institutions) to join TeaCamp space (starting this invitation already during international video conference events)
    • to mainstream TeaCamp for education institutions in EU member states to update institutional regulations for academic staff virtual mobility facilitation
    • to contact EU Member state decision makers to present TeaCamp academic staff database and support their virtual mobility initiative to influence national innitiatives to support academic staff virtual mobility.
    • The means to implement this workpackage activities include all partnership meetings (strategy highlights will be defined in the initial phase of the project and will be updated and improved during the project run), video conferencing and national seminars and events, organized by each partner institution.
    • Exploitation strategy to be published online and in a document and translated into national languages will be the most important document and reference guidelines for exploiting TeaCamp after project is over
  • WP Deliverable - TeaCamp exploitation strategy