Dissemination results

Virtual mobility possibilities

Virtual mobility provided responsibilities are represented in TeaCamp project video, which was created by Innovation Centre of University of Oviedo (Spain).

TeaCamp project Explotation strategy

 In order to prepare project explotation strategy, TeaCamp project Explotation Scenario has been prepared and is available for institutions that are interested in virtual mobility to be shared and commented.

The TeaCamp project exploitation strategy is open for your somments here. If you have any additional suggestions for improvements please let us know at teacamp-info@dsc.vdu.lt.

TeaCamp Portuguese Team´s participation in an International Congress about Assessment in Education

TeaCamp Portuguese Team participated in the 2nd International Congress about Assessment in Education at the University of Minho (Portugal) with the presentation “E-assessment in the context of virtual mobility in Higher Education: principles and procedures”. The main objective of this presentation was to disseminate the TeaCamp Project and the Module of Virtual Learning in Higher Education, namely the sub-module that the University of Aveiro is responsible, “E-assessment strategies”.

Booklets in national languages

TeaCamp project booklets are developed and distributed among partners during the partners meeting in Aveiro. The documents are uploaded to the private section of the Documents repository.

Booklet in English

Booklet in English
Booklet in English

The booklet in English was developed and printed for project dissemination in different levels regional, national as well as international.